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Elizabeth's goal is to provide you with customized photographs that will bring back all the emotions of your event. 

Her camera is an extension of her person. She is a photographer that takes great pride in capturing the spirit and personality of the people and places that she photographs. Over the years, she has learned to appreciate the small things that make life beautiful. She has a knack for being in the right place, at the right time, to capture those true emotions, defining moments and keepsake memories.

Based out of a small town in South Mississippi, she has the pleasure of shooting weddings, portraits, and events throughout the Mississippi Gulf Coast, as well as the New Orleans, Louisiana and surrounding areas. Elizabeth sees the word through a unique perspective. Starting her artistic endeavors at a young age first with art (sketching and painting), she continues to pursue the creative process through dance and photography. She enjoys travelling throughout the United States, and has travelled to photograph in Alabama, Georgia, Oregon, and Washington, and is always willing to travel to new locales to meet your photographic needs.

Thank you for choosing Elizabeth Kerry Photography.

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